Understanding Campaigns Module

            With LetConvert dashboard, it is very easy & hassle free to manage all the campaigns in one place.

            To get going with the campaign management, follow the steps listed below:

            STEP 1: In your LetConvert dashboard, go to Campaigns >> Active Campaign. You’ll find all the campaigns which are active here.


            STEP 2: You can find all the details of the campaign as to when was it created, unique visitors, records tracked, click(s) on callout.


            STEP 3: You can also find the following  options under ‘More Actions’.


            A. Edit : You can edit the campaign from here.

            B. Report : You can find the report of the campaign here with the following sections:


            a. Info & Records

            b. Visitors Stats

            c. Click Stats


            C. Clone : You can copy the campaign from here.

            D. Archive : You can archive the campaign from here.

            E. Active : You can activate or deactivate the campaign from here.


            STEP 4: You can find the Overview, Details & Records of the campaign under their respective head.


            Note: You can find the archived and drafted campaigns going to Campaigns >> Archived Campaigns and Campaigns >> Drafts.



            Also, if you feel that we missed out on something, then, please let us know at support@letx.co and we’ll definitely put it up here ❤️.




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