Install LetConvert in seconds - Get Started with LetConvert In Simple Steps

            Every organisation is on a lookout for conversions (while that is a visitor to a subscriber conversion or a subscriber to a customer conversion!)

            The End Goal is to convert more and more on the same traffic.

            LetConvert helps you exactly solve this pain point where we say that - now you can convert more on the same traffic!

            For Example :

            BEFORE/Without LetConvert : Assume that you were getting 100 people on your website but only 6 were purchasing your product/service.

            AFTER/With LetConvert : Just on 100 people, with the help of social proof alerts & real time reviews - you can convert upto 10-15 people without making any effort or spending more money on bringing another 100 people.

            RESULT: Since you activated LetConvert Alerts over your website so, 4-9 additional people started purchasing your product/service. Let's say your LTV was $500 so, you are now adding additional $100 from these people who started purchasing your product/service after seeing those social proof alerts.  

            Installing LetConvert is as easy as following these 5 simple steps:

            Step 1: Set-up your LetConvert Account

            Getting started with LetConvert is a very easy process.

            To start with, go to the Login URL : & enter your credentials (which you may have received in your inbox). Now, enter your website name & URL to get your account charged up for conversions like never before.

            Note: To start with the system requires a URL however, you can change the it later.

            Step 2: Install LetConvert Pixel

            To kickstart your installation, the next step is to start with the installation of LetConvert over your website to make it much more active & ready for higher conversions.

            To get started, in your LetConvert dashboard go to Settings >> Pixel and then, simply copy the pixel & paste it in the <head> tag of your website.

            Note: You can also verify whether your pixel is installed properly on your website or not. 

            To be able to do so, in your LetConvert Dashboard - Go to Settings >> Verify Pixel and then enter the pixel and check whether it is installed properly on your website or not.

            Step 3: Add your Domain/Website

            Adding your domain/website is one of the most important steps while getting started with your LetConvert account.

            To be able to add domain, in your LetConvert dashboard - Go to Settings >> Account Settings and then enter your website name & click on ‘Save Settings’.

            NOTE: We highly recommend you to not add ‘http’, ‘https’, or ‘www’ in the prefix of the domain URL which you enter.

            In case you want to remove any domain from your LetConvert Dashboard - Go to Settings >> Account Settings and then click on the cross icon & then, ‘Save Settings’.

            Step 4: Start showing your alert campaigns on your website/page

            Launching a campaign is a crucial step in the process of installing LetConvert on your website.

            Simply refer to the guides book here to launch a campaign.

            Step 5: Optimise your campaigns

            Once your campaigns are live, you would obviously want to dig deeper and know how are they performing.

            It is totally hassle free to see the reports of your campaigns within the dashboard and optimise them as per your wish.

            Simply go to the campaign >> More Actions >> Reports to be able to optimise.

            You see how easy it was to install LetConvert. It's as easy as counting 1 2 3 ...


            Also, if you feel that we missed out on something, then, please let us know at and we’ll definitely put it up here ❤️.

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