How do I setup my LetConvert Franchise Panel?

            LetConvert Franchise License comes with 100% white-label abilities - using which you can set up or manage your clients on your own white-label panel and offer them full featured 360 degree social proof service.

            Please go to and enter your LetConvert Franchise login credentials (which you must have received via email). 

            Once you login, you’ll be redirected to the Franchise Settings panel. Here you can start setting up your franchise panel as per your own business requirements. 

            You'll be required to do this entire setup only once and it can take a bit longer to fill in all the details.

            There are 3 Main Sections that you need to configure to be able to get started with your LetConvert Franchise Panel. 

            1. GENERAL SETTINGS

            Under General Settings, you need to enter the following details and click on ‘Save’.

            1. Account Name

            2. Franchise Name

            3. Default Branding URL [This is where you can redirect when clicked on ‘Powered by <yourbrandname>’]

            4. Small Logo

            5. Big Logo

            6. Favicon

            7. Private Policy URL

            8. Terms URL

            9. GDPR DPA URL

            10. Helpdesk/Knowledge Base URL

            11. Support URL

            12. Support Email

            13. Submit Ticket Widget Code

            14. Live Chat Widget Code

            15. Hide Product Links [Enable this if you do not want to showcase LetConvert in any manner be it in the form of the help guides or the Onboarding Modal]

            Note: All the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory fields.

            2. DOMAIN SETTINGS

            Under the Domain Settings, you need to enter your own domain and point it correctly (read the details mentioned in your dashboard). This domain will be the one where you would want to host your whitelabel account. 

            For example : If your company name is then your app will be hosted on Infact your clients will also login through instead of 

            Don’t forget to click on ‘Save’ after you finished pointing the domain. 

            3. SMTP SETTINGS

            Under the SMTP Settings, you need to enter the following details and click on ‘Save’.

            1. From Name

            2. From Email

            3. Reply to Email

            4. Franchise Address

            5. Support URL

            6. SMTP Host

            7. SMTP Port

            8. SMTP Username

            9. SMTP Password

            Note: All the fields are mandatory fields.

            VOILA!! You’re done setting up your Franchise Panel!!

            Also, if you feel that we missed out on something, then, please let us know at and we’ll definitely put it up here ❤️.


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