How do I manage my accounts and clients using the LetConvert Franchise Panel?

            Managing accounts and clients using the LetConvert Franchise Panel is a very easy process.

            To be able to manage your accounts and clients, you need to simply configure the LTD Settings in your LetConvert Franchise Panel.

            There are 3 sections under the LTD Settings :

            IMPORT ACCOUNT

            Under this section you can import your account which was your sub account in your LetConvert dashboard.

            To be able to import simply enter the ID of the sub account which you want to import in the Import Account field and click on Import Account.

            Note:  Don’t forget to verify the import through the email which you’ll receive on your email address after importing the account.

            By importing- Your sub account user would have to now login into your franchise app to be able to use the dashboard to create campaigns.

            For instance, just like our login URL is <> where the users login however, in your case, the users would have to login into <>

            Note: Make sure that you  inform your users about the same. You can also send them an email stating that you now need to login using your URL.

            ADD ACCOUNT

            Under this section you can add account If you do not wish to import one. To be able to do so, you just simply need to enter the following details and click on ‘Add Account’.

            1. Name

            2. Email

            3. Password

            4. List Name

            Once done, you can send an email to your client stating that - Hey! I just created an account for you.

            MANAGE ACCOUNT

            Under this section you can manage and allocate views as per your requirements to your accounts.

            Also, if you feel that we missed out on something, then, please let us know at and we’ll definitely put it up here ❤️.


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