Start showing LetConvert Alerts on your website

Start showing LetConvert Alerts on your website

LetConvert offers an array of alerts that you can display on your website - to get conversions in your desired way.  Here are some listed alerts :

  1. Recent Activity

  2. User Reviews

  3. Power Trails [Highly Converting]

  4. Real Time User Count

1. Recent Activity Alert

SHOWS : The recent activities  which is taking place on your website i.e Sales, SignUps, Appointment Booking, Ticket Purchase, Lead Form Filling. 

WHEN TO USE : When we want the visitors to take actions like that of other visitors.

RESULT : It makes them believe that someone else is also doing that activity & people love to follow the crowd. As a result - you will see a hike in your sign ups, registrations, bookings, sales, etc.

So, go ahead and make your website ready for faster conversions by creating Recent Activity Alert.

To be able to create Recent Activity Alert, click here.

2. Real Time Visitors Alert

SHOWS : The number of visitors visiting the site currently.

WHEN TO USE : When you want to update your visitors with the number of other visitors present on the website/page & build credibility among the visitors.

RESULT : When your visitors come across the fact that they are not the only one browsing the site so, that assures them and builds credibility. As a result, it leads to higher conversions on the same traffic.

Time to boost the conversions by creating Real Time User Count Alert.

To be able to create Real Time User Count Alert, click here.

3. User Review Alert

SHOWS : The reviews about your product/service over your website.

WHEN TO USE : When you want to show some great reviews about your product/service to your visitors.  

RESULT : A positive review can actually turn out to be wonderful for any website. LetConvert is right there to help you show plenty of such reviews which will lead to a higher revenue figures and numbers.

Take the conversion game up & up with User Review Alert.

To be able to create User Review Alert, click here.

4. Power Trails Alert

SHOWS : The past activities/actions taken over your website by your visitors.

WHEN TO USE : When you want to update your visitors with the past actions your previous visitors took over your website.

RESULT : It’s essential to let your visitors know about the actions taking place on your website and the number of people who are taking that action so that, it can result into better goals and desired actions.

Drive your visitors into taking actions that matter with Power Trails Alert.

To be able to create Power Trails Alerts, click here.

At the same time if you feel that we missed out on something, then, please let us know at and we’ll put it up here ❤️.

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